UHT Geotechnical Update

Initial Geotechnical Testing Completed on Upper Harbor Terminal Site

In order to get a better understanding of the geotechnical conditions of the City-owned Upper Harbor Terminal (UHT) site, the City of Minneapolis contracted with Braun Intertec to complete some additional soil borings to supplement the existing information on the site. This testing focused on the portions of the site most likely to be redeveloped for private development, rather than for park improvements.

The testing to date determined that, in general, low- to mid-rise structures (i.e., up to about six stories) likely could be built on the site without the need for extraordinary geotechnical corrections (e.g., some soil correction to allow for spread footings, but deep foundations are not anticipated). Taller structures might need more extensive correction approaches or deep foundations. In addition, groundwater levels under portions of the site, especially right along the river, are relatively high, which will limit the extent to which below-grade parking or other below-grade spaces would be feasible. However, the report notes that much more project-specific evaluation will be needed once a specific redevelopment plan is available.

View the full report, including the test results, recommendations and qualifying conditions.


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