Update on Consideration of Upper Harbor Terminal Exclusive Rights Agreement

At its meeting this morning, the Minneapolis City Council authorized the execution of a three-party exclusive rights agreement (ER Agreement) between the City, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) and the selected master development team that is led by United Properties and also includes THOR Companies, Inc. and First Avenue Productions. This agreement will formalize the relationship between the parties as they work together to pursue redevelopment of the 48-acre City-owned Upper Harbor Terminal (UHT) site and will guide the upcoming UHT planning process.

The MPRB heard an informational presentation on April 19 updating them on the process and noting that the exclusive rights agreement will be coming to them for consideration in the near future. The dates for MPRB consideration of the agreement have been revised and now are expected to be as follows (but please monitor the MPRB board meeting website to confirm the dates):

  • Administration and Finance Committee meeting

            Wednesday, May 17; begins after 5:00 pm Regular Board meeting

            MPRB headquarters, 2117 W. River Road N., Board Room

  • Regular Board meeting

            Wednesday, June 7; meeting begins at 5:00 pm

            MPRB headquarters, 2117 W. River Road N., Board Room

These meetings are open to the public (but are not public hearings) and may be viewed online on Minneapolis Channel 14.