Upper Harbor Terminal Updates

Planning and Community Engagement

The City of Minneapolis, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and selected development team continue their work to research and find solutions for a variety of complicated topics that impact the feasibility of redeveloping the Upper Harbor Terminal. These include:

  • the design, cost, funding and organizational/ownership structure for the potential community performing arts center,
  • the basic layout and cost for the anticipated park and infrastructure investments,
  • options for resolving the overhead powerlines that impact development,
  • private development projections and feasibility, including an affordable housing strategy, and
  • the overall financial feasibility of the necessary City and Park Board investments.

Good progress is being made, but some additional time is needed in order to finish the process. Watch for future announcements of community input meetings and other engagement options once the planning is completed.

Minneapolis 2040

The draft Minneapolis 2040 comprehensive plan is now out for community review and input. At this point, the draft future land use map reflects the general land uses that are included in the Above the Falls Master Plan Update. The intention is that, once an actual redevelopment plan for the Upper Harbor Terminal site has been agreed upon at the end of the planning process, the draft Minneapolis 2040 land use plan will be revised accordingly before it is presented for formal approval in late 2018.

Legislative Requests

In the meantime, the City and Park Board are seeking approval of $15 million in State bond funding for the Phase 1 public infrastructure and park cost (HF 3161 and SF 2846). The City is also seeking some revisions to tax increment financing law (HF 3300 and SF 3083) that would allow that funding tool to be used more effectively to implement the development plan.