Neighborhood Context

While Minneapolis, the Twin Cities region and the state of Minnesota rate well on almost all metrics of success, that success has not spread equally to its residents of color. Work is now underway at all levels of government, with the active involvement of the nonprofit and business communities, to address these inequities and “close the gap.”

This includes the designation of the North Minneapolis area in which the UHT site is located as a federal “Promise Zone” where a comprehensive, community-driven revitalization strategy is building on and aligning numerous initiatives to address the persistent unemployment, crime, housing blight, and poor educational outcomes that plague the area.

Given its size and key riverfront location, the redevelopment of the UHT site offers the opportunity to positively impact North Minneapolis through the provision of a major new regional park amenity as well as adjacent private development that will benefit the community.

In Minneapolis’ Central Riverfront near downtown Minneapolis, revitalization of the riverfront laid the groundwork for revitalization to spread inland, bringing to life previously dormant parts of the city, including the now-thriving North Loop neighborhood.

Recent public and private investments along the Mississippi River in North and Northeast Minneapolis in accordance with the Above the Falls Master Plan are building the revitalization momentum along this segment of the River, which redevelopment of the UHT can greatly accelerate. These include:

Mississippi Watershed Management Organization

11,200 sq. ft. office/learning center and outdoor learning center for joint-powers local government unit. Structure completed in 2012, and outdoor components completed in 2015.
Photo Mississippi Watershed Management Office

Betty Danger's Country Club

Bar/restaurant/mini-golf with “preppy” theme and “vertically revolving patio.”
Photo credit Tony Webster under CC BY 2.0 license via!q69mkkq

Lowry Avenue Bridge over Mississippi River with Signature LED Lighting

Signature basket-handle arch bridge, with LED lighting. $104 million, opened 2012.
Photo courtesy of Hennepin County

Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge patio along the Mississippi River
Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge

Bar/restaurant with tropical theme and only outdoor dining area immediately next to Mississippi.
Photo courtesy of Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge

Ole Olson Park

3.5 acre public park restored in 2015.
Photo courtesy Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership


40,000 sq. ft. headquarters for tissue donation nonprofit, including memorial garden. $18,750,000, completed 2014.
Photo copyright RSP Architects, photographer Pete Sieger

DC Group

Headquarters facility for uninterruptible power firm. $7.3 million renovation/expansion totaling 39,050 sq. ft., completed 2015.
Photo City of Minneapolis


192,000 sq. ft. North American headquarters for Danish med-tech firm. $35,000,000, completed 2009.
Photo copyright RSP Architects, photographer Lara Swimmer