Planning & Background

The UHT site is located in the northwestern quadrant of Minneapolis, just over two miles from downtown Minneapolis. It has excellent access to adjacent I-94 and also is served by a network of state, county and local roads. Minneapolis, and the surrounding metropolitan region of which it is the center, consistently appear high in rankings of various characteristics considered important to investors, businesses and residents.

Unfortunately, Minneapolis and the region also rank high in the level of disparities between white and black residents on a number of success factors. The Northside neighborhoods across I-94 from the UHT site suffer from many of these disparities, and an important goal of the site redevelopment is to help address at least some of these disparities, including the lack of access to a waterfront regional park amenity.

However, the Northside and the neighborhoods immediately across the Mississippi in Northeast Minneapolis also are seeing significant public and private investments that are improving these neighborhoods.

UHT Site within Context of Core Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area