Planning Process

Over the next several months, the City of Minneapolis, Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board and development team will be completing an extensive planning process to formulate a coordinated plan for the entire Upper Harbor Terminal (UHT) site. This plan will include the park improvements, private development and necessary public infrastructure, as well as an implementation strategy and the terms for redevelopment agreements under which the City will convey land to the Park Board and developer for at least the first phases of the park and private development.

Community Engagement During Planning Process

The planning process will include a variety of opportunities for community input, including monthly public meetings with the Above the Falls Community Advisory Committee (AFCAC), monthly interactive open houses, focus group meetings with under-represented communities and possibly online surveys. Information about upcoming meetings may be found here, and summaries of previous meetings may be found here.

Research and Alternatives Being Evaluated

The planning process also will include an extensive amount of research into the physical and regulatory complications of this challenging site, design work to explore various alternatives and evaluation of the market and financial feasibility of those alternatives.