Redevelopment Planning

Upper Harbor is a large and complicated site to redevelop. While full redevelopment of the site will take many years, some redevelopment activities will happen in the next few years. When redevelopment will occur is dependent on the availability of funding and the real estate market. 

In 2017, the City of Minneapolis and Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) selected a master developer to work with the City, MPRB and the community to create a plan for redevelopment of the Upper Harbor Terminal site. The development team is led by United Properties as the master developer. Following community engagement in 2017 and research into the site’s assets and challenges, a draft redevelopment Concept Plan was proposed to the community. The Draft Plan was revised in response to community input, and the  Concept Plan  was approved by City Council on March 1, 2019. 

In this next phase of redevelopment planning, the City, MPRB, development team and Upper Harbor Terminal Collaborative Planning Committee (UHT CPC) are working to refine the Concept Plan to complete the more detailed Coordinated Plan for redevelopment of the site. The Coordinated Plan will outline: the park improvements, areas for private development and public infrastructure, an implementation strategy for redevelopment and the terms for the redevelopment agreements. Under the redevelopment agreements the City will convey land to MPRB and the master developer for the first phases of the park and private development. 

The public comment period for the Draft Coordinated Plan was open from December 5 2020 - January 15 2021. The Business Inspections, Housing and Zoning (BIHZ) Committee of the Minneapolis City Council received a presentation on the Draft Upper Harbor Terminal Coordinated Plan and the work of the Upper Harbor Terminal Collaborative Planning Committee in February 2021.

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