UHT Existing Structures

The site contains a collection of existing structures that include two docks and related river wall features along the river bank, a 110,000 sq. ft. cold storage warehouse, four large concrete storage domes, a grain elevator complex, an extensive conveyor system, a small office building and a variety of other support structures. The bulk of these structures are concentrated on Parcel 2 (see aerial map with identification of structures).

In order to better understand the condition of and potential for these existing structures, the City of Minneapolis contracted with a team of structural and historical consultants to evaluate the structures. The resulting study found that the major structures, while well-worn, are structurally still in fair to good condition. The study provided initial cost estimates for stabilizing them. The study also found that most of the structures retain their historic integrity and noted which changes probably could be made to allow new uses while respecting the Secretary of Interior’s Standard for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

In addition, finding appropriate new uses for some or all of the existing structures could provide an immediate and dramatic sense of “identity” for the new redevelopment and perhaps allow design options that probably would not be permitted in entirely new construction.

The City of Minneapolis is working closely with the master developer during the Coordinated Plan to explore the feasibility of any potential reuses of the structures. 

In addition to the photos on this page, additional photos and samples of scanned plans may be found here.

Aerial Map of Structure Locations