UHT Overview

The Upper Harbor Terminal site consists of nine tax parcels totaling over 48 acres. The northern half of the site (Parcels 1, 2, 6 and 7) are considered Phase I of the redevelopment, and the southern half of the site (Parcels 3 – 5) is considered Phase II. Access into the site currently is available at Dowling Ave./Port of Minneapolis Drive and 33rd Ave. N. Other key routes in the vicinity are I-94, Washington Ave. N., Second St. N., Lowry Ave. N. and 42nd Ave. N.

The site contains several structures and related improvements tied to its history as a barge shipping terminal. While not glamorous, this history ties to larger significant stories including the engineering of the Mississippi River for barging purposes and the long-standing rivalry between Minneapolis and St. Paul as to which community should be the head of navigation on the River. The presence of these historic structures and whether they can be adapted to serve appropriate new uses will be considered during the planning process.

Initial environmental and geotechnical studies have been completed and do not indicate any major challenges that are expected to present significant barriers to redevelopment.

Other site characteristics that will impact the site’s redevelopment include the rail line that abuts the five riverfront parcels and the presence of overhead electrical transmission lines that run from the power plant immediately across the River to a substation on the northern edge of downtown Minneapolis. Surrounding uses are generally industrial, with a few commercial uses and a few homes.

Additional technical information may be found in the Technical Analysis Study completed in 2014.

The following galleries of photos and other images are available:

UHT tax parcels
Upper Harbor Utilities, Storm Water and Power Line Locations