Zoning & Regulatory Framework


The site is currently zoned I-2 (medium industry) and I-3 (heavy industry), but the City anticipates site re-zoning to comply with the Phase I redevelopment plan that will result from this process. Click here for information on these industrial zoning districts. The zoning code also includes three overlay districts that impact the site. These include the:

  • Mississippi River Critical Area Overlay District
  • Shoreland Overlay District
  • Floodplain Overlay District

Note: The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is in the process of updating its rules for the Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area. Once this is completed, the City of Minneapolis will be crafting an updated Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area Plan and updating two of these overlay districts accordingly – the Mississippi River Critical Area Overlay District and the Shoreland Overlay District. For information on the proposed new rules

Other Regulatory Frameworks

As with all proposed development in the city, final plans are subject to compliance with adopted City policies and ordinances. Because of the site’s proximity to the Mississippi River, there may be other regulations and requirements that will come into play. For example, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have various requirements and review processes relative to any proposed improvements within the River or immediately along the river bank.

The eligibility of the structures on the site for historic designation also may trigger reviews of their significance and any proposed changes to them. 

City and MPRB staff will work with the selected developer during the coordinated planning process to help identify any such requirements that should be considered and reach out to seek input from the appropriate agencies.

Zoning Map for UHT Site (black boundary) and Surrounding Area
Map of Zoning Overlays for UHT Site (black boundary) and Surrounding Area