Master Developer Selection/RFQ Process


In January of 2017, the Minneapolis City Council and Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) selected United Properties as master developer to work with the City, MPRB and the community to redevelop the Upper Harbor site. This redevelopment planning process is guided by an Exclusive Negotiating Rights Agreement between the City, MPRB and United Properties. The Exclusive Negotiating Right Agreement has been approved by the City Council and the MPRB.  


In August of 2016, the City of Minneapolis and MPRB issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to seek a qualified development team to work with the City and MPRB and community on the first phase of redevelopment of the Upper Harbor site.  

View the RFQ. 

View information from apre-submission meeting. 


The deadline for RFQ submission to the City and MPRB was Friday, October 14, 2016. 

One submission for consideration as master developer was received from United Properties, with THOR Development and First Avenue Productions as development partners. View a summary of this submission, and view the materials submitted by the development team to facilitate community input. This submission includes not just the Phase 1 portion of the Upper Harbor site, but also Phase 2, as well as some nearby parcels controlled by the development team. The development team elected to include more detail in the proposed initial development than the RFQ required. 

Submissions also were received from five teams interested in being considered as potential development partners to work with the master developer on a portion of the site. View a summary of the submissions. These submissions were not reviewed by the City or MPRB, but instead forwarded to the master developer for their consideration. 


Community input about the submission was sought at a public meeting held on November 3, 2016, and also via an online survey. View a summary of this input. 

A recommendation committee (of the City and MPRB) reviewed the master development team submission. The committee took into account input from the community and City and MPRB staff, and conducted an interview of the development teamThe Committee recommended selection of the development team to the City Council and MPRB.