Project Goals

Project Goals & Process


With input from the community, the City and Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board have been refining their overall vision for what they would like to achieve through redevelopment of the UHT site. Phase I redevelopment of the Upper Harbor Terminal site will be a success if it achieves as many of the following characteristics as possible.

Achieves the Equitable Development Principles

The redevelopment achieves the Equitable Development Principles, as applicable and appropriate to this site and situation. Construction of the project takes extra steps to benefit the Northside’s economic vitality, e.g., by providing construction jobs and contracting opportunities.

Includes a first-class regional park

It includes part of a first-class regional park that serves North Minneapolis and the Twin Cities region as a whole. Park components in the UHT Phase I area include parkway, bike and walking trail segments to be connected to the rest of the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway system and one or more special park features. This park is welcoming to all and includes features and programs of broad general interest that are as compelling as other regional parks in the city.

Connects into the fabric of the community

The site is firmly connected into the fabric of the community, both through: a) east-west connections extending from the riverfront into the adjacent neighborhoods at Dowling and at least one other location, and b) linear parkway and trail connections up and down the river. Connections from the neighborhood work well for pedestrians and bikes as well as vehicles. The project includes provisions for future enhanced non-vehicular connections (e.g., transit, Nice Ride, car sharing) to serve the site, and operators of those services will be encouraged to fold those enhancements into their planning.

Offers a significant riverfront-oriented destination

The portion of the site at Dowling and the River serves as a significant riverfront-oriented destination that brings people to the riverfront and gives vitality. This might be a special park feature (in addition to the linear trail/parkway connection), a private concession on park land and/or a private feature. This destination area also is welcoming and accessible to all and of broad general interest.

Provides high quality, community-benefitting private development

It includes a significant amount of high quality private development that will benefit the North Minneapolis community, while complementing the park and helping keep it active. Development that helps enhance the economic and community vitality of North Minneapolis is particularly desired. Any business development incorporates ways to enhance the economic future of the Northside, e.g., through provision of living wage jobs for adults, youth employment/training and/or space/programs for entrepreneurs. Any housing is envisioned to be a mixture of market-rate and affordable units.

Reflects the history of the site

The redevelopment interprets and reflects the history of the site and contributes to the area’s unique character and interest. If feasible, some degree of preservation of the site’s existing structures must be thoughtfully considered, but full preservation in accordance with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards is not expected to be required. The site’s historic interpretation extends back to the First Nations’ relationship to the Mississippi River in this vicinity.

Incorporates high quality design

All of the site’s improvements (park improvements, public realm, infrastructure and private development) incorporate high quality design, including accessibility that reaches beyond ADA requirements.

Showcases “green,” sustainable approaches and features

Both private and park redevelopment actively incorporate a variety of “green,” sustainable approaches and features that help to enhance and protect the river as a world-class environmental corridor and enhance the health and wellness of community residents and employees.

Feels unique to this specific place

The overall project capitalizes upon the riverfront location and is unique to this specific place, not something that could have happened elsewhere.